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casino literature

From people who lost everything to people who became millionaires in just one night. From criminal stories from the underworld to romances that only exist in Las Vegas. From people who beat casinos legally with skill and savvy to people who rose from nothing to become poker champions – Bizzo Casino writes true stories that Hollywood couldn’t have dreamed up better.

Whale Hunt in the Desert: The Secret Las Vegas of Superhost Steve Cyr by Deke Castleman

casino literature

Whale Hunt in the Desert is a book about how Las Vegas casinos take care of their high rollers. Steve Cyr is the main character, a young casino host who takes really good care of “whales”. Cyr is an interesting character, a born salesman and a prankster of the highest order.

The book provides a good description of what goes on in a casino when you are dealing with gamblers willing to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a trip. I read a book a few years ago called Lifestyle of a High Roller . It was terrible. Read this book instead.

It probably won’t make you a better gambler, but if you’re interested in casino games, you’ll find it informative and entertaining.

No one knows exactly how many of these highest high rollers there are. The current biggest bet for table games in Las Vegas is $250,000 USD, but only seven or eight human blue whales can handle that action. The second tier reaches $150,000 per hand, a level that can be managed by up to 50 players worldwide. One hundred more can fade $100,000 per hand.

Your escort will consist of 35 people flown to Las Vegas on corporate jets, private planes or chartered jumbos. They are whisked by fleets of stretch limousines stocked with Dom Perignon and Beluga caviar to places such as the Mansion at the MGM Grand, one of the most exclusive accommodations in the world. There, concierges, VIP hostesses, casino hosts, casino managers, limousine drivers, butlers, private chefs and hookers provide variety.

Roulette: Luck and skill by Pierre Basieux

casino literature

Roulette is a game of chance – that is a fact. Nevertheless, there are many people who have become rich from the game, either by using different types of gambling strategies, by being a kettle gazer, or by using computers to bring casinos to their knees. Pierre Basieux has been an avid roulette player for decades and at the same time is still a mathematician with a PhD, who views the game of the devil primarily from a scientific level. Anyone who wants to get a deeper, scientifically based insight into the subject of roulette in order to join the select circle of professional roulette players will find the book very exciting and worth knowing.

Casino Literature: Death at the King’s Club by Carol Davis Luce

Death at the King’s Club is a fictional novel. At the famous King’s Club resort, a serial killer is wreaking havoc among the nightlife, gambling, and boisterous atmosphere. The investigators are powerless and don’t know what to do. As a last resort, the operator of the casino hires private investigator Kasey Atwood to track down the killer. Death at the King’s Club is a gripping thriller in which love, gambling and murder go hand in hand.

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