When is the best time to play at the online casino?

play at the online casino

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers – at least that’s what grandparents used to say. But there are indeed questions that are more or less funny or bizarre – even at National Casino login. For example, there are players who play a slot in free demo mode after registering and winning. This is okay and normal, but then a payout is demanded. Surely, everyone will think of a joke right away, but there are actually some players who are serious. Another more or less peculiar question is when is the best time to play and win at the online casino. After all, the slot games are “fed” with the money and thus they must pay out at some point, at least according to theory. So when do slot games pay out best?


play at the online casino

Playing in virtual casinos is becoming more and more popular, with online slots in particular enjoying a huge popularity that continues to grow. The reason for this is obvious: a wide range of bets, simple rules and the chance to win big. To put it in a nutshell: Slots are experiencing an immense boom, especially against the backdrop that the game mechanics and themes are becoming more and more interesting and exciting.

As more and more providers enter the iGaming market, it is necessary to take a closer look at the individual portals. The online casinos in the test convince with an enormous selection of games as well as fair chances of winning. Speaking of odds, do they differ in terms of time of day? Is there a difference in the time of day at which the games are played?

To put it succinctly: No! It does not matter what time of day you play. It doesn’t matter whether it’s morning, evening or night – the chances of winning are always the same, the bonus rounds are activated the same number of times and nothing changes. The reason for this is that the odds – RTP (Return-to-Player) – are fixed. That is, the RTP shows exactly in a percentage value how much the player theoretically gets back from his bet. A good value starts at 96%, although there are also slots that have RTP values up to just under 98%. Others, however, only offer 95% or below. To put it simply, the higher the value, the better the chances of winning.


play at the online casino

The RTP value, i.e. the payout ratio, is fixed, which means that it does not change – no matter what time of night or day you play. The chance of winning is always the same. The value is confirmed by independent testing institutes such as eCorga or iTechLabs.

However, it must be mentioned in this context that there are definitely slot machines where there is a possibility to change the RTP value “by yourself”. This is done with the so-called bonus buy features. With these, the player can ensure that the chance of the bonus function being activated increases by placing an extra bet, and thus the RTP value increases as well.

Thus, we are talking about myths such as “The early bird gets the worm” or “When it gets dark, there are massive profits!

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