Defining the best tipsters

best tipsters

Without a doubt, statistics is a key factor when it comes to defining the best tipsters. It is clear that if we are going to pay for the forecasts we hope that the tipster on duty will offer us good numbers, and if it does not meet the expectations that he will compensate us in some way. The type of picks it offers, a good argument and the sports, markets and bookies used are also aspects that we have taken into account to develop this ranking of the best tipsters and that you should also consider when choosing a tipster.

  • Yield: it is the economic performance, and it is obtained by dividing the net profit obtained between the total money bet. To get the percentage, multiply by 100. The higher the percentage, the better. If it is negative, we are in loss. It is one of the first things you should look at when choosing a tipster.
  • Stake: is the risk of the bet. Most tipsters use a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest probability of a hit and 10 being the highest. It reveals the money that we are going to bet, and in most cases the tipsters use stakes 1 or 2. A higher stake is not always worth it.
  • Followers: if a tipster has a legion of followers, it is because his forecasts are effective and well explained. The number of followers is usually associated with the yield and the percentage of hits.
  • Type of forecast: the sport (or sports) you bet on, the markets you use, the bookmakers you play, the odds you usually use… All these factors influence the choice of a tipster, and we cannot pass them up for high.
  • Compensation: the way that a premium tipster compensates us for the tips that he fails is key. Extending the subscription or offering more forecasts helps to add points.


On their website we read that it all started with two professional bettors that has expanded to a large team with an experienced statistician. It has a free Telegram channel, another paid one with limited places and schedules picks on Betsfy. He is specialized in soccer and eSports, as well as sharing some tennis predictions. They are generally well argued and focused on odds that generally range between 1.60 and 2.20, above other tipsters who share picks below 1.60.

Bet Channel

Beyond the free picks -any user can leave their forecasts-, what is interesting is the premium part. If your tipster closes a month with losses, the subscription is renewed for free. It has several tipsters, and the user must choose which one to subscribe to. It guarantees us 10 forecasts per month, and if we do not reach that figure, it also extends the subscription for free. Each tipster has extensive statistics, both in terms of hits and markets where bets or odds used.


His name says it all: a tipster specializing in soccer. His channel is public, we can directly access and check his forecasts. Of course, the picks are not used to these too argued. However, the percentage of hits is quite interesting. To the free channel another paid channel is added, the Super VIP channel. The markets that it proposes are very varied, and odds of around 1.80 are combined with others that do not reach 1.60.

Engineer Picks

Engineer Picks

A tipster that we can follow on his Twitter profile @PicksIngeniero and on the Ingeniero Picks Telegram channel, where he shares free tips. In addition, each month it has a premium group in which it shares all its forecasts. The more than 3,000 members on his Telegram and the positive statistics endorse the work of this tipster who offers us forecasts mainly for European football and the NBA, but who dares with everything he sees of value. An option to always keep in mind, and which also notifies us that he is going to publish.


He is one of the few tipsters specialized in motorsports, playing all the sticks: Formula 1, motorbikes and even raids like the Dakar. An interesting variety within a market that is quite limited in time, and that compensates for a percentage of hits close to 50% with a yield of 10% per year. He has a premium Telegram channel, but we can also follow him via Twitter at @MadridPick, although many times he saves the explanation for the premium forecasts and only shares the selection for free.



It is the website of a group of expert NBA forecasters who promise us a sure bet for every NBA night. They are bets with minimal risk, with a good success rate (77% in the last month, with an average odds of €1.86). Of course, it is paid and does not have any type of free service, so you will have to subscribe to access your forecasts. The picks are published online, and we receive the notice by mail. There is a free Telegram channel with the link to each pick, but you can only see them if you are registered.


EMapuestas is called Rafa in real life, and he is one of the best paying tipsters on OlympoApuestas, a page where we find different tipsters. Why do we stay with him? Because he offers us forecasts for the League, Cup, Champions and Europa League and because they are bets on the most popular markets (1X2, over / under, Asian handicaps, corners and cards…). Of course, it is quite a hurry to publish them on the day of the game, up to 45 minutes before it starts, so we will have to be vigilant.

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