Casino Creates A Real Life


      Gambling in real casinos has its thrills, but what is more thrilling than seeing a huge win or a monumental loss? Casino gaming, after all, can be a roll of the dice when one is not aware of how much they are gambling, and the sheer amount of money won or lost can be staggering. All over the world, amazing wins and losses have occurred that are hard to forget. You can always try testing your luck by joining Hellspin anywhere and anytime. 



    In London, England, a man named Ashley Revell — inspired by the movie “Rounders” — sold all his possessions and visited the Plaza Casino in March 2004. He took $135,300 in cash, purchased $300,000 worth of chips, and headed to the roulette table. Revell chose the number 7 on a double-zero wheel and bet his entire stack of chips on it, earning him a return of $270,600 if the ball landed on the 7. Miraculously, the ball did land on 7 and Revell left the casino with double his investment.

Las Vegas

     In 2012, a man named Elmer Sherwin from Las Vegas had a particularly incredible streak of wins. He visited the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas and won an astronomical amount of $4.6 million on a slot machine. Sixteen years later, in 2008, Sherwin returned to the casino and won another massive $21 million on a Megabucks slot machine. Sherwin was 92 when he experienced the second major win of his life, proving that luck can always be had no matter the age. 

     Unfortunately, not all casino experiences involving high stakes result in wins. In 2004, scores of high rollers at the Las Vegas MGM Grand sustained debilitating losses of up to $40 million when a craps table was rigged in the casino. People were allowed to play with thousands of dollars in chips as long as the minimum betting amount was never exceeded, leading to lawsuits against the casino.



     Incredibly, other incredible wins have happened in casinos across the world. In the Philippines, a man named Archie Karas is famous for his widely-renowned winning streak. He had amassed a total fortune of $40 million, playing gambling games like poker and pool, over a two-and-a-half-year period. 


      Additionally, large losses have also been witnessed in other countries. In 2012, a 29-year-old Uruguayan man named Guillermo obtained a loan of $347,000 to gamble with at the Venetian Macau Casino in China. With this money, he purchased 1 million chips, played for four days straight, and lost all his money in four hours. 

    Seeing amazing wins and losses has become a common occurrence in the casino industry. While hearing of a victory may inspire hope, the fact that losses also occur still remains. Whether it be a $4 million win or a $300,000 loss, these remarkable stories all serve as a reminder of why gambling should be done responsibly. It is not a guaranteed way to win money, but it does provide a chance to experience the thrill of chance.

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