Reverse Martingale Method

Martingale Method

Casino gamblers at PlayAmo use the reverse Martingale as a positive progression betting method to profit from winning streaks. We explain how it works, list its benefits and drawbacks, and offer a frank assessment of its suitability as a betting strategy in this post.

You’ll find that this tactic may be applied to a lot of casino games, including blackjack and roulette, which both allow even money wagers. The most of the time, though, it’s for roulette, so that’s how we basically wrote this.

So, is it worthwhile to use the reverse Martingale method? Let’s investigate.

What is Reverse Martingale Strategy?

Martingale Method

You must first understand the Martingale approach in order to understand the reverse Martingale roulette technique. This great roulette betting strategy involves doubling down on losses until you hit a strike. The maths is correct; eventually, you will win back both your initial bet and all losses.

The Paroli, often known as the reverse Martingale, is the opposite. By doubling down on winning wagers, you can ride Lady Luck for three consecutive wagers using this approach before resetting the system.

Only even money wagers, such as red/black in roulette, are compatible with either form of the Martingale. When using  the reverse Martingale, make sure your bets are placed appropriately.

Reverse Martingale Strategy in Steps

Martingale Method

So, in the previous section, we explained the fundamental principles of how the reverse Martingale works. Let’s now go through it step-by-step as though we were employing it on a roulette table, beginning with a $10 wager.

Placing a $10 wager on red/black or similar even money wager. In this case, we’ll assume that you place a wager on red. If your wager wins, double it by placing a second $20 wager on red or black. Double down once more and wager $40 on red/black if the second wager succeeds. If this wager succeeds, restart the game, and resume betting the initial $10.

Three-win streaks are common, as seasoned gamblers are aware; therefore, the reverse Martingale betting strategy has a good probability of being successful. The secret is to reset the system after three profitable bets, though. Anything else would be pushing your luck too far.

That’s all, then! The reverse Martingale isn’t difficult or complicated to use. You need to place the initial wager, but for the next two bets, merely wager the winnings to build a winning streak of three and make a tidy profit! Your overall profit in our scenario would be $70.

In fact, you frequently lose the first $10 or the second or third bet. If it occurs, you should start over with $10. The same logic applies regardless of how much you decide to stake initially.


Note that the reverse system is not exclusive, some players like to shake things up by fusing the reverse Martingale with other strategies, such as the standard Martingale. For instance, you might double down on that loss (normal Martingale) to attempt to win everything back before starting over if you lose on your third gamble.

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