The 1-3-2-6 roulette strategy

1-3-2-6 roulette strategy

The 1-3-2-6 roulette strategy is also one of the most used systems when playing roulette. This is inspired by one of the most famous strategies: the Paroli. It is just as easy to learn and use as its inspiration. It is a progression strategy that is governed by the units that bear its name. This is used in the single outside bet type and works as follows:

We first establish the unit: in our case it will be €2. Then, following the system, the betting round will take place like this:

  • Round 1: €2
  • Round 2: €6
  • Round 3: €4
  • Round 4: €12

With this strategy we can get big prizes without having to risk a lot of money in a single round. To see results you must follow the sequence of the strategy after victories. In case you lose you must start from the beginning.

It is an interesting system that can help you get very good profits and not lose so much money. The different variants that can occur, win or lose in the rounds are usually positive for the player. Suppose you win in the first two rounds, and lose in the third, you would still see a profit. And if you win three in a row and lose the last one, you won’t win, but you won’t lose money either. It is a system that whatever happens, the gains will be good and the losses will not affect you so much.



This is a roulette strategy known and applied by many users who play roulette. As its name indicates, this one has as its protagonist the red color of the roulette wheel. However, the color black also plays an important role in this system.

This is used with red, although it can be applied to black, but it is done with the first because of the affinity that users have for it. Statistically it is proven that users play red more than black. From that he has derived this strategy that we are talking about.

To apply this roulette strategy, the first thing to do is set the initial value of our bet. This amount will have to double depending on the results we obtain. This is doubled in case of losses, with the following example the Red bet will be clearer. Our bet unit will be €1.

You bet the established euro, in case of victory you continue betting the same amount. You will continue like this round after round until you lose. Remember that this bet is paid 1:1, for a €1 bet you win €2.

In case of black and you lose, you must double your bet on red in the next round and one unit on black. In this case it would be €2 for red and €1 for black.

In case of victory, you would only lose the €1 wagered by black, but you would win €4 for red. If it lands on black, you repeat another round doubling down on red. It would be €1 for black and €4 for red. You must repeat this same procedure depending on what color the ball lands on.

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